AWS Education Competition
Las instituciones educativas utilizan la nube para impulsar el éxito de los estudiantes y resolver las inquietudes sobre los costos, el valor y los resultados del aprendizaje. Honne Services es un socio de AWS que ofrece soluciones y tiene una amplia experiencia trabajando con instituciones educativas para ayudarlas a implementar prácticas de integración, automatización procesos […]

Educational institutions use the cloud to drive student success and address concerns about cost, value, and learning outcomes.

Honne Services is an AWS Solutions Partner and has extensive experience working with educational institutions to help them implement integration practices, process automation, and infrastructure management with configuration management tools on AWS.

We provide innovative teaching and learning technology solutions to help educators adapt to new standards, personalize learning, and deliver digital learning experiences for students.

We provide solutions designed to empower educational institutions to gain better visibility into IT operations and help with regulatory requirements, these solutions help establishments operate efficiently both on campus and online.

“Excellent service and attention, we needed help migrating our websites. Honne Services gave us many recommendations and put us in direct contact with AWS staff. Honne Services helped us stabilize and improve quality of service and security with AWS.” Educational Institution IT Manager